Here is the heavyweight undead monster “Manstadon” newly created by the toy designer legend James Groman. There are two types of monsters, “牙Tusk” and “角Horn.”

This masterpiece of modeling has been created in detail by the designer himself. By sticking to traditional techniques without using mainstream digital technology, we succeeded in conveying beautiful molding to our products. All the processes after the prototype are done by domestic craftsmen, and the final process has being taking care carefully by a craftsman in-house from Blackdots Studio to create this masterpiece.

The serial number is engraved on the metal parts placed on the soles of the feet.

デザイナートイのレジェンドJames Groman(ジェームズ・グローマン)が新たに生み出した重量級アンデッドモンスター「Manstadon(マンスタドン)」。”牙(Tusk)””角(Horn)”の2種類のモンスターが存在します。




Designed and Sculpted; 

James Groman

James Groman is a legend who has been active as a toy designer, illustrator and prototype master since the 1980s. He has developed characters that represent the 80’s, such as “Care Bears,” “Popples,” “Madballs,” and “My Pet Monster,” and has become a legend for 80’s kids. In recent years, James has expanded his field of activity and is extremely popular in the field of art toys.

「Care Bears」「Popples」「Madballs」「My Pet Monster」など、80年代を代表するキャラクターの開発を手がけ、80年代キッズにとって伝説的な存在になっている。近年ではその活躍の場を広げ、アートトイの分野で絶大な人気を誇っています。

James Groman's MANSTADON

"牙(Tusk)" Black blank Edition.

James Groman's MANSTADON

"角(Horn)" Black blank Edition.

James Groman's MANSTADON

"角(Horn)" 1st Color Edition.

James Groman's MANSTADON

"牙(Tusk)" 1st Color Edition.